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David Crosby Gets High and Immediately Violates His Moratorium on Shit-Talking the Doors

David Crosby was on a Twitter tear this weekend, using his favorite social media platform for a lengthy discussion about one of his favorite topics: his undying hatred of the Doors. It started when a fan brought them up in response to a Croz tweet about his favorite bands, either because they haven’t seen the many previous anti-Doors tweets in the Crosby canon, or because they knew it would set him off. (The sunglasses-wearing emoji suggests the latter.) Here’s how he responded:

The Crosby tweet went mildly viral, prompting a lot more Doors fans in his mentions, whom he was happy to put in their place. Hoho!

It was 4/20, so he paused to pen this instant classic tweet…

…and got back to the matter at hand the following day, with a perspective that may have been softened by the fat one he ripped to celebrate the holiday.

By Sunday evening, he was ready to swear off shit-talking the Doors entirely.

He stood by his promise for about 15 minutes, until one of his followers suggested that his newfound politesse might reflect a changing attitude on the Doors’ music itself, which, to be perfectly clear, still fucking sucks.

What a ride!