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Chromatics Release CD-Only Camera (Deluxe) EP

Chromatics have released a deluxe edition of their vinyl-only June EP Camera, this new version available on CD for a reasonable $3 via Italians Do It Better. The eight-track project features three new recordings including “House of Dolls,” a computer-voiced dramatic monologue that reads like a machine navigating an existential crisis. The disc also sports a remix of the band’s June single “Blue Girl” by Twin Peaks music and sound supervisor Dean Hurley, who strips the original’s drums and bright synths, rebuilding the song around dusty pads.

In May, Chromatics released “Black Walls,” the alleged first single from their long-awaited fifth album Dear Tommy. That same month, band member Johnny Jewel released his album Themes For Television, consisting of music composed for, but not used in, David Lynch‘s Twin Peaks: The Return. (Chromatics played “Shadow” at the Bang Bang Club in the series premiere.) Dear Tommy still doesn’t have a release date.

You can purchase Camera (Deluxe) on Italians Do It Better’s website. Listen to “House of Dolls” and Hurley’s “Blue Girl” remix below.

Update (11/2): Chromatics have released Camera on Apple Music and Spotify.