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Chromatics Release New Single “Black Walls” From New Album Dear Tommy

The first official single from Chromatics’ long-awaited album Dear Tommy has arrived. It’s called “Black Walls,” and opens with an ambient section that abruptly transitions into something that sounds very much in line with the band’s discography. Still, it’s great, as is the self-directed video.

The band, led by producer Johnny Jewel, have teased new tracks over the last couple of years—the album’s original release date was April 2015, before a near-death experience caused frontman Jewel to take all the music slated for the album offline. Jewel has supposedly re-recorded the album, though there is no word on a release date for Dear Tommy just yet, Jewel’s manager Alexis Rivera said in May of last year that the same tracklisting as was originally planned. Johnny Jewel also released the not-Dear Tommy album Digital Rain in January.

Watch the video for “Black Walls” below.