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Stream Johnny Jewel’s New Album Themes For Television

Johnny Jewel new album "themes for television"

Last year, Johnny Jewel of Chromatics reportedly recorded 20 hours of music for David Lynch’s Twin Peaks: The Return. While Lynch never used any of the music, Jewel held onto it and has now released it as a full 21-track album titled Themes For Television. The new album features eerie scores named after different scenes from the show, as well as an alternate version of Chromatic’s “Shadow,” which the band performed on the first episode of the series. The album also contains “Windswept,” a song that predates Jewel’s working on the show but was used in the series. “The project began as a sonic exploration of the sounds I was hearing in my nightmares,” Jewel said in a statement. “I wanted to find my way out of the maze by focusing on beauty over fear — like the way the fractured sunrise looks in a dream.” That certainly sounds like a Twin Peaks idea.

The new album follows up Jewel’s last album, Digital Rain which was released earlier this year. Chromatics have also just released their first single, “Black Walls,” from their allegedly forthcoming new album Dear Tommy (which still doesn’t have a release date). You can stream Themes For Television below. You can also watch a video for the track “Red Door” below.