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The White House Is Mad About T.I.’s Melania Trump Lookalike Strip Tease Video

Melania Trump Spox Calls for TI Boycott

Melania Trump‘s spokesperson Stephanie Grisham is calling for a boycott of T.I. after the rapper shared a video Friday featuring a lookalike of the first lady wearing nothing but heels and the infamous “I Really Don’t Care, Do U?” jacket. The Melania imposter proceeds to do a strip tease in the Oval Office and on top of the Resolute desk while T.I., acting as a stand-in for the president, looks on. The tweet caption reads “Dear 45, I ain’t Kanye,” referencing the unhinged meeting President Trump held with Kanye West in the Oval last week. There are a million and one ways T.I. could have criticized West capitulating to Trump, but slut-shaming the first lady via a nude body double wasn’t the move, partially because it gave the White House an excuse to act aggrieved.

On Saturday, Grisham shared the video, and her outrage.

“Like it or not, she is the first lady and this is the White House,” Grisham said in a statement issued to People. “It’s disrespectful and disgusting to portray her this way simply because of politics. These kinds of vulgar attacks only further the divisiveness and bias in our country — it needs to stop.”

Grisham isn’t wrong to criticize the video as “disrespectful and disgusting” when T.I. could have easily taken a shot at Trump that didn’t entail rampant sexism. What’s just as vulgar and divisive, however, is Melania’s husband’s Tuesday morning tweet calling the woman he allegedly had an affair with while Melania was recovering from giving birth “Horserace.”

The first lady’s office should, by all means, call out gross behavior when they see it, but maybe they should start with the unrepentant misogyny exhibited by Melania’s husband.

In any case, good luck with that boycott.