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Stream Laurel Halo’s New “Mini-Album” Raw Silk Uncut Wood

A year after 2017’s Dust, producer Laurel Halo has released a new “mini-album” titled Raw Silk Uncut Wood via Latency Recordings. While Dust featured vocals from Halo and others, the new mini-album takes a detour into ambient music with occasional contributions from cellist Oliver Coates and percussionist Eli Keszler on songs like “Mercury.” The project is bookended by two ten-minute compositions, the first of which was released last month.

The title Raw Silk Uncut Wood comes from a translation of Lao-Tzu’s Tao Te Ching by the author Ursula LeGuin, and the cover art with the pale, androgynous figure is taken from the oil painting Prince S by artist Jill Mulleady. Halo recently contributed a remix to a Perfume Genius EP, and she’s performing and DJing at festivals in the U.S. and Europe this summer (dates at her website). Stream the mini-album below.