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Nelly Faces Two New Accusations of Sexual Assault

Two more women have accused Nelly of sexual assault in a lawsuit filed against the artist by Monique Greene, a college student who claims Nelly, born Cornell Hanes Jr., raped her on his tour bus after a concert in Washington in October. One new accuser claims Nelly stuck his hand up her dress at a concert after party in June 2016. The second woman claims Nelly masturbated in front of her in a dressing room after a show in December 2017 and forcibly grabbed her head in an attempt to demand oral sex.

Both allegations are included in an amended complaint filed Monday by Greene’s attorney Karen Koehler. Greene is seeking damages for defamation and emotional trauma. She has also requested an injunction against “Nelly (and his penis)” that prohibits him from sexually assaulting female fans in the future. The lawsuit attributes the new accusations to Jane Doe 1 and Jane Doe 2 under a section titled “Evidence of other acts of sexual assault.” Nelly has a “pattern of conduct” that demonstrates he “preyed upon his selected female fans,” the lawsuit argues.

Jane Doe 1 is a married mother and U.S. military member who alleges Nelly assaulted her after a concert in June 2016 in the United Kingdom. She and a friend met Nelly in a VIP area after the show. After hanging out for around two hours, Nelly allegedly brought Doe and her friend to an after party, where Doe 1 claims this happened, according to the complaint:

Defendant Nelly was sitting on a desk/ledge looking down at Jane Doe 1, when he said “let me see it.”

Jane Doe 1 was shocked and asked “what?” She realized then that he expected to have sex with her. She was disappointed in him and disgusted. She said, “I thought we were too cool for this.”

Defendant Nelly asked if she had “a boo” and she flashed her wedding ring at him. They had been talking about military life, family, and he already knew that she was married.

Defendant Nelly got off the table ledge and came close to her. He placed his hand on her leg, rubbed it and put his hand up her dress. This was done without Jane Doe 1’s consent.

Jane Doe 2 is a mother of three in a long-term relationship who alleges Nelly assaulted her on December 5, 2017 after a concert at Cliffs Pavilion in Essex, England. She met Nelly while taking a photo with him after the show. Nelly invited her and several friends to come to his dressing room. Nelly allegedly invited Doe 2 to the room next door, where Doe 2 claims Nelly dropped his trousers, started masturbating, tried to remove her top, and told her, “You want this dick don’t you.”

Doe 2 protested and backed away. Nelly allegedly pulled up his pants, walked towards her, and again dropped his pants and started masturbating. Nelly allegedly tried to kiss Doe 2 twice, told her he wanted “to come in your mouth and all over you,” and placed her hand on his penis. “That’s enough. Who the fuck do you think you are,” the woman told him. “Pull your trousers up back up and fuck off.”

According to the complaint, Nelly clenched his fist, and Doe 2 asked him whether he planned to hit her. He allegedly replied no, then attempted to force her to perform oral sex:

Defendant Nelly put his right hand on the back of her head and his left hand on her shoulder and forced her head down pushing his erect penis into her mouth. This constituted sexual assault. Jane Doe 2 was in utter shock. Once he thought he had her in position, Defendant Nelly released her shoulder. Jane Doe 2 jumped back, twisted and fell backwards into the shower curtain. She was able to scramble out of the room. As she exited Defendant Nelly yelled, “cunt!”

The Auburn police department in Washington arrested Nelly after Greene reported her alleged assault in October. Prosecutors ultimately dropped a second-degree rape charge after Greene stopped cooperating with the investigation. Greene attributed the decision to public scrutiny.

Nelly and his attorney Scott Rosenblum have denied Greene’s allegations and threatened to sue her in response. “This type of reckless false allegation cannot be tolerated as it is an affront to the real survivors of sexual assault,” Rosenblum said in December.

You can read the full complaint below.