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Trump Inauguration Planner Says Kanye West Is Not “Typically and Traditionally American” Enough to Perform

When Kanye West voiced his support for president-elect Donald Trump, and then deigned to visit Trump Tower and pause for a photo-op with him, it seemed within the realm of possibility that the rapper might at least be asked to perform during Trump’s inaugural festivities. One could conjure images of Mike Pence grimacing and uncomfortably bobbing his head to “Black Skinhead.” Yet Kanye, who Trump has called a “great friend,” has been decidedly absent from the discussions surrounding the increasingly fraught inauguration concert, which is unsurprisingly set to feature no rappers whatsoever.

In a new interview with CNN, Heisenberg-looking motherfucker and Presidential Inauguration Committee chairman Tom Barrack explained why Kanye was not courted for the festivities, and implicitly, why there was no rap on the bill: “It’s not the venue,” he said, before pitching a very audible dog whistle. “It’s going to be typically and traditionally American, and Kanye is a great guy, we just haven’t asked him to perform.”

3 Doors Down and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir: traditionally American. Kanye West: not traditionally American. No hippity-hop in the house of Trump, though don’t tell his past self.

The clip is below: