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Rivers Cuomo Opens Up About Weezer’s Darkest Days to Marc Maron

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Weezer make a conscious effort to go back to their mid-’90s power-pop roots (or “Back to the Shack,” if you will) on their upcoming album, Everything Will Be Alright in the End. It’s fitting then that frontman Rivers Cuomo has decided to give a career-spanning interview to comedian/podcaster Marc Maron. In the latest episode of Maron’s WTF series, Cuomo tackles a few longstanding questions about himself, per the episode’s description: “Why did [he] decide to go to Harvard just as Weezer was taking off? What was he really doing when he dropped off the grid after the failure of Pinkerton? And did he really become celibate?”

For the answers, listen to the 75-minute Q&A by heading over to the WTF website, grabbing the episode on iTunes, or downloading it directly. And to get a glimpse of Weezer’s new album (which is out October 7), check out snippets of LP tracks “Cleopatra” and the Best Coast-assisted “Go Away,” and stream “The British Are Coming” and “Lonely Girl” in their entirety. Oh, and sorry to get all Columbo on this, but one more thing: Dive into SPIN‘s list of the 100 Best Alternative Rock Songs of 1994 to see where Weezer ended up.