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Weezer Rebel Against ‘Cleopatra’ on Their Latest Leak

weezer cleopatra new single rivers cuomo

Weezer may be taking a page out of Katy Perry’s thematic book on their jangling new song “Cleopatra,” a snippet of which can be heard in a new video that Rivers Cuomo tweeted earlier this afternoon.

“You can’t control me no more Cleopatra, it’s time to move to the next life,” Cuomo sings on the strings- and harmonica-heavy tune. “Cleopatra” is the latest in a string of teasers the band has released for its upcoming album, Everything Will Be Alright in the End (due October 7), following last week’s Best Coast-assisted duet and July’s “Back to the Shack” release. We could easily see this song as the theme to the upcoming sitcom about Cuomo’s life, DeTour. Make it happen, Internet!