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Watch Courtney Love’s Unplugged ‘Pacific Coast Highway’ Video

Courtney Love Acoustic Pacific Coast Highway Video

Courtney Love has been pretty busy with new writing lately, but she has also been delving back into her old work. The Hole frontwoman recently shared two surprise new songs, “Wedding Day” and “You Know My Name,” plus a Charles Dickens-inspired “You Know My Name” video. Now she has posted (via Rolling Stone) an acoustic version of Hole’s 2010 song “Pacific Coast Highway.” Before launching into the stripped-down rendition, Love says, “We’re going through our catalog and trying to figure out songs that I can learn so when I go to parties I can say, ‘And that song’s about you; I just wrote it about a week ago.'”

The wistful Billy Corgan collab, which decidedly wasn’t written last week, is presented here in its sparsest form, just Love and some acoustic strumming c/o her guitarist Micko Larkin. There was some talk last month that we might soon see the return of Hole’s Celebrity Skin lineup, but between Love’s backtracking and all of this recent solo action, prospects for a reunion are still cloudy. In the meantime, read Charles Aaron’s original review of Hole’s Live Through This and Dennis Cooper’s 1994 SPIN cover story “Love Conquers All.”