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Kanye West and Topless Kim Kardashian Grind on a Motorcycle in ‘Bound 2’ Video

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, "Bound 2," video

Kanye West and R&B lifer Charlie Wilson have been bringing the gooey soul of Yeezus standout “Bound 2” to TV shows across the world: French TV, British TV, Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. Wilson is a no-show in the video, which Ellen DeGeneres shared this morning ahead of a broadcast premiere on today’s Ellen. West’s Lana Del Rey-loving fiancée Kim Kardashian is his co-star instead.

Directed by Nick Knight (Yeezus‘ “Black Skinhead”), the video shows the Kimye couple caressing each other as they sit on a motorcycle. The backdrop is hazily effected natural scenery — the Arizona desert, but also a forest and snow-covered mountains. It’s sort of like the two are in Cruis’n USA. Kardashian appears to be topless, and at one point she and West are posed as if they’re simulating sex. When Wilson sings, “Grab somebody to love,” Kardashian puts her arms around West.

The track’s musical appeal is undeniable, and its bluntly prurient lyrics are difficult to forget (“spunk on the mink,” and so on). The video certainly conveys the off-kilter — West would probably say honest — romanticism present in the song. But despite Yeezy’s protests about celebrity culture, it’s tough to imagine such a video being much discussed if it didn’t involve someone TMZ-worthy.

As Pitchfork points out, a “full uncensored version” of the video is now on Kardashian’s YouTube page. Don’t worry, that title appears to be more an effort at click bait than an actual description: Unless we’re missing something, even the “uncensored” video is still thankfully pretty tame. Oh, and scroll down for West’s family-focused Ellen interview.

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