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Kanye West and ‘Uncle’ Charlie Wilson Downsize Soulful ‘Bound 2’ on ‘Jools Holland’

Kanye West, Charlie Wilson, 'Bound 2,' Lorde, 'Royals,' 'Jools Holland,' video, later

The last time Kanye West and Charlie Wilson performed “Bound 2” on TV, it was a lavish spectacle. On Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, the Roots and a choir helped egg on the kilt-wearing rapper and the glowing R&B vet to formidable heights.

In their September 17 appearance on British late-night show Later… With Jools Holland, the two had to make do without the choir, and at least until the Yeezus rapper’s closing Christ pose, the cameras mostly pulled up close on the performer’s faces. In keeping with the “minimalism” West talked up ahead of the album, they demonstrate that less can be, if not quite more here, then at least remarkable in its own way. Fittingly, where the outsize Fallon take started with a non-LP dis toward Kim Kardashian’s ex, this one merely revises the curtain-lowering “Jerome’s in the house” with “uncle Charlie’s in the house.” Yup.

Also in the house: New Zealand singer-songwriter Lorde, who performed her chart-scaling “Royals.” Watch below.