Azealia Banks Lives Luxurious Hippie Fantasy in ‘ATM Jam’ Video

Azealia Banks in the video for "ATM Jam"

If there’s one thing we can rely on Azealia Banks for, it’s consistently left-field visuals. Oh, and beef. We will always get beef. But her videos — from the Illuminati-baiting, dystopian “Yung Rapunxel” to the seapunky “Atlantis” to the runway-chic “Luxury” — consistently offer something to chew on beyond the question of whether or not she’s sabotaging her career. The Rony Alwin-directed clip for her Pharrell-assisted “ATM Jam” doesn’t live up to those standards. It’s repetitive and tossed-together, unfortunately mirroring the much-hyped collaboration that has failed stoke buzz for Banks’ forthcoming debut album Broke With Expensive Taste.

The video takes on a flower-child theme, with background dancers sporting long, flowing hair and teashade glasses, while blues, purples, and reds radiate across the screen. But the idea mostly stops there: the quartet, including Banks, pulls up to a driveway then splashes around in a pool for a bit before making their way into a house. Spoiler alert: If you find yourself waiting for something to happen, it doesn’t. As for why Pharrell — who handles the song’s hook, bridge, and production — doesn’t appear in the clip, perhaps he simply couldn’t stand to appear in a video at Jimmy Goldstein’s famed Hollywood Hills residence for the third time in his career.


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