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See 2 Chainz Party in the Hollywood Hills in ‘Feds Watching’ Video

There are thousands of things that 2 Chainz and Pharrell can do that the rest of us cant, and now we can add another one to the list: party at the Sheats Goldstein Residence. The retro-futuristic crib is one of the most breathtaking in the Hollywood Hills, the perfect setting for Tity Boi’s “Feds Watching,” a song that’s all about flossing. (And it certainly beats getting robbed or arrested.) Pharrell previously shot Snoop Dogg’s soupy “Let’s Get Blown” video at the palatial location, which is on full display in Chainz’s new video. There’s no real reason to pay attention to the hint of storyline here when you can otherwise admire the view — and 2 Chainz’s fashion.

“Feds Watching” — which Chainz performed at the BET Awards last night — is the first off his upcoming B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time album, due September 10.