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Lady Gaga’s Naked Stroll for Marina Abramovic’s Nonprofit Is Performance Art

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Lady Gaga is lending some of her ARTPOP power to performance artist Marina Abramovic. Unless it’s the other way around. Gaga appears in a new video for the Marina Abramovic Institute, an upstate New York nonprofit dedicated to what Abramovic has called “long-duration” art.

Although the clip is only two minutes, its demonstration of what the artist has dubbed “the Abramovic Method” surely constitutes a performance-art piece in its own right. Gaga yells, wears a yellow mask, sits on a chair and stares into the distance, and walks around the center’s idyllic grounds nude; she also cuddles up with crystals. It’s no less intriguing than the purported Gaga track that surfaced this week, grandiose club thumper “Aura,” though it could definitely use a catchier chorus.

For Abramovic, the video follows her recent participation in a six-hour Jay Z performance-art piece (check out former Das Racist member Heems’ review of Hov’s Picasso Baby short film documenting the work). Abramovic is currently asking for donations as part of a Kickstarter campaign benefiting her nonprofit.

Gaga — who, unlike Jay Z, will be able to count unconventional sales of her new album toward the Billboard charts — is set to release ARTPOP single “Applause” and its video on August 19. She’s also scheduled to perform “Applause” live at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards, airing August 25 from Brooklyn’s Barclays Center. Given the VMAs‘ recent guest speculation, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Abramovic is there, too. Either way, the artist will be present.