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Tanlines Share ‘All of Me’ During TV Debut on ‘Fallon’

tanlines, jimmy fallon

Tanlines made their television debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night (December 6), and the electro-pop duo brought blissed-out stunner “All of Me,” off their first album Mixed Emotions, along with them. It makes sense that Brooklyn natives Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm would pick Fallon for their first broadcast appearance — the band were recently namedropped on NBC sitcom Up All Night, which shares the peacock network with the late-night show.

If Tanlines seemed a bit lead-footed during the performance, it’s only because the album standout soars enough on its own. Emm’s heartfelt urges to “say it loud” and “do what you don’t do” stretch long over Cohen’s slight and clappy indie-pop beat, which always felt much too lighthearted for the song’s bummer video.