Stream Tanlines’ New Children’s EP, Presents

All of us are asking, all of us are thinking... What's up with Tanlines, the Brooklyn lo-fi disco duo whose 2012 debut Mixed Emotions remains a contemporary electro-pop…
Anna Gaca / February 16, 2018

Tanlines Enlist ‘Girls’ Dude Alex Karpovsky and Natasha Lyonne for Bittersweet ‘Palace’ Video

Tanlines sophomore LP Highlights came out last month, but the masters of mixed emotions have returned with another hilariously bittersweet video, this time for "Palace."
Colin Joyce / June 22, 2015

Review: Tanlines Could Use a Five-Hour Energy Shot on ‘Highlights’

Never say that margarita-wave duo Tanlines don't know how to roll out a beachball of a record. In preparation for their second studio album, Highlights, percussionist Jesse…
Rachel Brodsky / May 19, 2015

Tanlines Tell Us Their Nine Favorite Podcasts

In case you didn't dial into the conference call playing Tanlines' Highlights, the Brooklyn danceniks — a.k.a. multi-instrumentalist Jesse Cohen and singer-songwriter Eric Emm — are streaming…
Harley Brown / May 13, 2015

SPIN Singles Mix: Lord Huron Is a ‘Fool for Love,’ Marie Davidson Has ‘Insomnie,’ and More

Welcome to SPIN‘s Singles Mix! The SPIN staff has rounded up their favorite, must-hear tracks for your personal playlists. Collecting the finest from French electronic…
SPIN Staff / April 2, 2015

Here’s Every Photo Drake Liked on Instagram

On off days, when Drake's not busy singing hooks on his friends' songs or watching basketball games with lint-roller in hand, there's a decent chance…
Colin Joyce / May 13, 2014

Tanlines Share ‘All of Me’ During TV Debut on ‘Fallon’

Tanlines made their television debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last night (December 6), and the electro-pop duo brought blissed-out stunner "All of Me,"
Kyle McGovern / December 7, 2012

Watch Tanlines Eerily Multiply in ‘Not the Same’ Video

"You are so intent on being everything," sings Tanlines' Eric Emm on the Brooklyn duo's dance-pop bubbler "Not the Same." The lyric is clearly aimed…
Chris Martins / November 27, 2012

Fun Fun Fun Fest 2012’s 20 Best Sets

This past weekend, Austin's seventh annual Fun Fun Fun Fest saw the once-modest, mid-autumn gathering finally metamorphose from off-season distraction to a festival-season staple capable…
David Bevan / November 5, 2012

‘Up All Night’ Makes Bid for NBC Sitcom With Most Indie Rock Cred

NBC's Up All Night, which stars Will Arnett and Christina Applegate as formerly hip new parents alongside Maya Rudolph as Applegate's best friend and co-worker, is…
Marc Hogan / October 26, 2012

Tanlines: Electro-Pop Wise Guys Wink at Life’s Bummers

Who: Veteran Brooklyn musicians Jesse Cohen and Eric Emm were between projects (Professor Murder and Don Caballero, respectively) in 2008 when they posted a one-off…
Alyssa Noel / June 6, 2012

Tanlines’ Jesse Cohen Is Obsessed With Old Jewish Photographs

When Tanlines' percussionist Jesse Cohen isn't enticing staid graybeards to gyrate to his band's synth-laden dance-pop, you can find him scouring over antiquated photographs in…
Alyssa Pereira / April 23, 2012

Join Tanlines’ Catatonic Dance Party in ‘All of Me’ Video

Tanlines' new video for blissed-out stunner "All of Me" poses a dilemma: Do we have fun or be really creeped out by it? The five-minute…
Devon Maloney / March 21, 2012

Grab Tanlines’ Blissed-Out Stunner ‘All of Me’

In early 2009, Tanlines unveiled a warmly loping remix of euphoric, perennially underrated Swedish pop duo the Tough Alliance's "A New Chance." At that time,…
Marc Hogan / February 29, 2012

Experience Tanlines’ Electro-Pop ‘Brothers’ Video in 360 Degrees

"You really love your chillwave." That's what a friend said over whiskey-and-cokes last Friday night while songs from the new Tanlines record played on an…
Marc Hogan / February 17, 2012