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Hear Paramore’s New Heart-Tugging Ballad ‘In the Mourning’


Paramore take one step further out from underneath any pop-punk genre restrictions on new single “In the Mourning,” the third and final entry in the Tennessee rockers’ year-ending singles club. Of course, the Coldplay-circa-Parachutes strums of Brand New Eyes standout “The Only Exception” already reinforced Paramore’s uniqueness among their more straightforward peers. And that hit song definitely isn’t the only exception, even less so with the arrival of this “Landslide”-esque ballad.

Band leader Hayley Williams unveiled a 30-second demo of the song earlier this year, later posting an acoustic performance of the song with rhythm guitarist Taylor York to the group’s official YouTube channel. Turns out the song was apparently never intended for an electric, full-band arrangement, as the new studio version stays true to those early recordings, adding brighter audio clarity, light percussion, and twangy slide guitar, as Williams gently intones a bittersweet melody.

“In the Mourning” follows blistering anthems “Renegade” and “Hello Cold World” as the third new song from Paramore’s single club, which also includes the group’s Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon soundtrack entry “Monster.” The latest tune sends Paramore, now a trio of Williams, York, and Jeremy Davis, into the new year — and, potentially, a new album — with no limitations. “Now it seems like the whole world’s waiting,” Williams sings. In the meantime, read up on her favorite things here.