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WeekSauce: SPIN’s Friday Night Highlights


• This week we found out the first posthumous Amy Winehouse album will be released on December 6. Perhaps more importantly, we learned the cover of said Amy Winehouse album was photographed by Bryan Adams. Yes, this guy!

• We made you laugh (and cry, and then laugh again) at our countdown of the 40 Greatest Comedy Albums of All Time. It goes great with our current Funny Issue!

• SPIN went HARD at L.A.’s spookiest electro fest, scoring backstage interviews and awesome photos with everyone you love: Skrillex, Rusko, Fatboy Slim and many more.

?uestlove told us SPIN actually inspired the Roots’ new concept album, undun. Scott Weiland told us why he’s having a White Christmas. And Deer Tick told us they really like the Replacements and cocaine.

• Nickelback got shat on from all possible angles — they were deemed a sexual turnoff and told they weren’t wanted at the Detroit Lions’ Thanksgiving halftime show.

• Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard split up! So we updated our gallery of indie rock couples keeping the dream alive, since they clearly are keeping no dreams alive. Welcome to the fold, Nathan and Bethany!