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  • Chief Keef Dat Loud Ballout

    Chief Keef Goes Melodic for 'Dat Loud,' Remixes Soulja Boy's 'Zan With That Lean'

    In case 17-year-old Chicago rapper Keith Cozart didn't make it clear enough by naming himself Chief Keef, dude likes weed. That's all well and good by us, but there is such a thing as overindulgence. Via a couple of new Keef joints that leaked to the Internet today, it seems our man may have smoked himself silly, from the fierce student of Waka Flocka Flame's School of Hard Barks that we knew him to be, into an Auto-Tune'd crooner with a woozy sense of rhythm. "Dat Loud," featuring Ballout, is a stoned sing-along set to cascades of synth and ridiculous pileups of drums courtesy of Young Dro's original of the same name. Meanwhile, "Kush Wit Them Beans" is a major-chord pitch-fixed remake of Soulja Boy's "Zan With That Lean.""Dat Loud," shared by Chief Keef on Twitter:"Kush Wit Them Beans," uploaded to Keef's YouTube channel:

  • fidlar cheap beer video

    FIDLAR Target Craft Brew-Swilling Hipsters in 'Cheap Beer' Video

    Los Angeles punks FIDLAR take heavy, hilarious swings at hipster culture in their new video for "Cheap Beer." In this Ryan Baxley-directed clip, a tattooed Harley-riding badass embarks on a solemn mission to smack the pricey craft brews out of the young hands that hold them. He visits a content yipster couple toasting a Yeti stout poured into wine glasses. He drops in on a Stella-clinking cool kids party. And he returns to the first household to wreak serious havoc when the same dweeb from before attempts to sneak a Chimay into the bedroom. Meanwhile, FIDLAR thrash through the surprisingly catchy hardcore ripper whose chorus lays the message out clear as day: "I. Drink. Cheap. Beer. So. What. Fuck. You." The lowbrow yet oh-so-canny single hails from the band's self-titled debut, due out January 22 on Mom + Pop. Someone warn Pliney.

  • Metallica American Idiot Voodoo Festival

    Watch Metallica Convert the Crowd at Voodoo Music + Arts Festival

    "We are Green Day, except a little taller," says Metallica's James Hetfield to the Voodoo Music + Arts Experience crowd in the official festival footage just released from the band. The metal gods were the eleventh hour replacements for their Northern Cali punk neighbors, who would've been headlining if not for Billie Joe Armstrong's Las Vegas rant and subsequent rehab enrollment.After working out the kinks in a pre-show jam, Metallica play 1988's "Harvester of Sorrow." The crowd seems cold, so Hetfield jokes, "Are we still here? Why? You're hoping Green Day is going to show up, right?" Then he takes a serious tack: "So am I. He's there getting help, alright. They're getting it sorted out. We're here stepping up for them. Hopefully he gets it together because the world needs them, right?

  • Soundgarden's Kim Thayil, Matt Cameron, Chris Cornell, Ben Shepherd

    Animal Instinct: The Return of Soundgarden

    "We don't feel nostalgia trying to remember who played what parts on a song that we recorded in 1988," a fit and well-kempt Chris Cornell says, his blue eyes piercing. "It doesn't feel like looking at baby pictures to me. It's nice that we have fans that were fans in 1988, that's great, but that's not enough for us. And I would've never expected that to be enough."Soundgarden are hungry. Like the regal hulk evoked by the title of their triumphant new album, King Animal, out November 13, the grunge godfathers will take whatever you offer, and then they'll take the rest. Today, their den is the luxe Beverly Wilshire Hotel. It's been a long slog of on-camera interviews with people who ask questions like, "What is the state of rock?"We're more interested in the state of Soundgarden.

  • Earl Sweatshirt Chum Odd Future

    Earl Sweatshirt Blasts Invasive Media on New Song 'Chum'

    Odd Future have shared a brand new Earl Sweatshirt song called "Chum" — the first official solo release from the crew's somewhat elusive ace in the hole since he returned home from reform school in Samoa. The fresh track bobs forth on a moody piano-and-drum loop while Earl takes a low-key rap tack. Still, he's as intricate with his rhyme schemes as ever, and more intimate with his storytelling than we've yet heard, offering the kind of refreshing honesty found — but often overlooked — on Tyler, the Creator's Goblin."It's probably been 12 years since my father left," he rhymes, before detailing bouts with alcohol abuse at the age of 16, and explaining that his mother tried to help but didn't exactly know how. His style combines the thematically downcast vibes of Cannibal Ox with the tongue-tangling confessionals of Eminem.

  • Death Grips Dropped By Label Epic Records

    Death Grips Unsurprisingly Dropped By Label

    As SPIN reported on Wednesday, Sacramento noise-rap crew Death Grips have been doing just about everything in their power to get on the wrong side of their label, Epic Records. They canceled a major tour in the eleventh hour. They leaked their own album, NO LOVE DEEP WEB, without approval. They put a picture of a penis on the cover of said album. They told members of the press that Epic shut down their website, which probably wasn't true.And last but hardly least, on October 31 via Facebook, they shared a screen grab of a confidential infringement letter sent to the band by Epic's legal department on October 1, the day of NO LOVE DEEP WEB's illicit release.

  • Soundgarden Intimate Shows King Animal

    Soundgarden Book Intimate 'King Animal' Shows

    Soundgarden are mere days away from unleashing their beast of a new album, King Animal, their first since 1996. In honor of the occasion, they've expanded their grand London live unveiling, adding a German gig and three intimate North American shows. We've already heard the furious "Been Away Too Long," bits of "Bones of Birds" and the explosive "Non-State Actor," of course, and the band has been playing out quite a bit since reuniting in 2010, so all signs point to these concerts being worth the 70-odd bucks that they'll likely cost. Tickets for "An Evening With Soundgarden" at New York's Irving Plaza on November 13, the day of the album's release, go on sale November 9 at 10 a.m. EST, but those who pre-order King Animal will have access to a presale starting a day early.

  • Bruno Mars Young Girls

    Bruno Mars Claims Addiction to 'Young Girls' in 'Unorthodox Jukebox' Ballad

    Hawaiian pop crooner Bruno Mars crushed his recent Saturday Night Live performance, thanks not only to his sneering Billie Joe Armstrong impression, but also to the pair of Unorthodox Jukebox songs he performed. There was the rather Sting-y "Locked Out of Heaven," of course, and a new one as well — "Young Girls," which can now be heard in all of its epic studio-recorded glory. Mars' second album is due out December 11, but the "Young Girls" single will hit iTunes on November 6. Mars' affinity for the words "young" and "wild" is now officially noted.Bruno Mars, Unorthodox Jukebox track list:1. "Young Girls"2. "Locked Out of Heaven"3. "Gorilla"4. "Treasure"5. "Moonshine''6. "When I Was Your Man"7. "Natalie"8. "Show Me"9. "Money Make Her Smile"10. "If I Knew"

  • benjamin gibbard teardrop windows video

    Benjamin Gibbard Becomes a Bro in 'Teardrop Windows' Video

    Though he's got a firm stance on gay marriage, Death Cab for Cutie frontman Benjamin Gibbard is no one's definitition of a tough guy. (Even if he's earned bragging rights for his platinum-selling side project the Postal Service.) His brand new solo album Former Lives pulls its punches, so perhaps that's why the sensitive fella makes an effort to re-tool his image in the tongue-in-cheek video for "Teardrop Windows." After consulting a label goon played by comedian Kurt Braunohler (Bunk), Gibbard tries to become a bad boy — because "bad boys make wampum" — but he just can't get it right. Try as he might to become a major bro — drinking in public, breaking into buildings, joining the cast of a reality show — Ben can't overcome his innate niceness.

  • Darkstar News From Nowhere Timeaway Loops

    Darkstar Tease 'News From Nowhere' LP With Video Loops

    London electronic trio Darkstar have announced their second album, News From Nowhere, due out February 5 on Warp Records. We introduced you to the lushly layered upcoming 12-inch single, "Timeaway," last month, and now you can preview the rest of the new LP via the above YouTube playlist, featuring "News #1-10." The November 13 vinyl release will feature 10 locked-groove loops, each one a snippet from a song on News From Nowhere, in order of the album's track list (which you'll find below). The band created 10 GIF-inspired clips to go with, and while only revealing mere seconds of the new long-player's innards, they provide a little color and mood — not to mention some Myst-like enigma — to help build excitement for News.Darkstar's News From Nowhere track list:1. "Light Body Clock Starter"2. "Timeaway"3. "Armonica"4. -5. "A Day's Pay For A Day's Work"6. "Young Heart's"7.

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