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  • A$AP Rocky Drake 2 Chainz Kendrick Lamar Problems

    A$AP Rocky Raps About Girl 'Problem' With Drake, 2 Chainz, and Kendrick Lamar

    UPDATE: The SoundCloud upload shared by Drake's blog no longer works, so we've embedded a YouTube version instead. Also, while Octobers Very Own identified the track as "Problems," the official title appears to be "Fuckin' Problem." Glad to clear the air on that.Lest RZA have all of the fun organizing delightfully over-the-top collaborations, A$AP Rocky has wrangled Drake, 2 Chainz, and SPIN star Kendrick Lamar for a new song called "Problems." (Or, "Fuckin' Problem" as Complex dubbed it in their premiere.) The track finds Chainz on the chorus, belting out lines about his love for "bad bitches" and the "fuckin' problem" said affection has become. This is an affliction that the three other men apparently know too well, as they go in on the topic with the ease of old pros.

  • Local Natives Breakers stream Hummingbird track list

    Local Natives Return With 'Breakers' Off January LP 'Hummingbird'

    We've heard so little from Local Natives since the Los Angeles band broke out back in the summer of 2010. And now, suddenly, there's a new album called Hummingbird due January 19, a new song dubbed "Breakers" to hear, and a globe-trotting trip to report. The first taste of the upcoming long-player features the organic percussion, chiming guitar-play, and epic emotives we've come to expect from these fellas, though with a stronger sense of pacing and studio dynamism. According to the band's rep, Local Natives tracked the record in Montreal before relocating to Brooklyn. The National's Aaron Dessner co-produces. The live shows pick up in Tokyo on November 4, and carry Local Natives into late April. Find the track list, tune, and tour dates below.Local Natives' Hummingbird track list:1. "You & I"2. "Heavy Feet"3. "Ceilings"4. "Black Spot"5. "Breakers"6. "Three Months"7.

  • Blur Parklive Live CD DVD Olympic Games

    Blur Unveil 'Parklive' Five-Disc Set Highlighting Olympic Gig

    Blur have shared the staggeringly huge track list for their Parklive deluxe five-disc live set, due out December 3. As SPIN reported in August, the collection revolves around the hallowed British band's closing concert for the 2012 Olympic Games at London's Hyde Park.At the time, as a result of Damon Albarn's flip-flopping, there was speculation that the gala show would be the group's last. Thankfully, they've kept on, no doubt partly in the name of their Blur 21 rarities box set, resulting in enough material to fill four CDs and one DVD.The first two discs compile Blur's 25-song Hyde Park performance. Same with the DVD, which culls its final shots from 12 cameras' worth of footage.

  • How to Destroy Angels Dave Sitek Keep it Together Remix

    Hear How to Destroy Angels' Glitchy 'Keep It Together' Remixed By Dave Sitek

    Earlier this month Trent Reznor helped Dave Sitek ring in his new label Federal Prism by providing a remix for the imprint's inaugural single. Now, the TV on the Radio co-founder and producer has returned the favor by reworking "Keep It Together," the new single from Reznor's How to Destroy Angels project. The already glitchy, bass-boosted track gets weirder still in Sitek's hands, as he abstracts the vocals and recasts the percussion, making a spooky mood piece that eventually latches onto a spiraling guitar riff before exploding into 808 bounce. Wired had the premiere, along with an oblique quote from Sitek: "A chance to be pushed through the veins and swarm the heart. Saddled to this strange drug music … a wild trip…. I was lucky to be asked." Is that haiku? The band's second EP, An Omen, is due November 13 via Columbia.

  • Green Day Irving Plaza Live Video Hitchin a Ride

    See Green Day Rock Irving Plaza in 20-Minute Live Video

    Between Green Day's fifth appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards and Billie Joe Armstrong's unfortunate breakdown at iHeartRadio in Las Vegas, the Nor Cal punks played a whopping four-hour, 38-song set at New York's rather intimate Irving Plaza. SPIN was there on September 15 to photograph the show, and now thanks to the band, you can actually watch 23 minutes worth of highlights, kicking off with Dookie throwback "Burn Out" and closing with American Idiot's titular single.

  • Death Grips True Vulture penis animated video

    Death Grips' Penis Cover Gets Animated in 'True Vulture' Video

    Life with Death Grips is just a priapic smörgåsbord. As was widely noted — and turned into the stuff of brilliant dick jokes — the Sacramento rap-thrash band's latest release NO LOVE DEEP WEB not only came to us for free, but it came toting a boner on its cover. Giddyup! We put our own safe-for-work spin on the art, which is again remade in the fantastical animated video for non-album track, "True Vulture." Ditching the usual DIY style of their visuals, the group teams up with animator/director Galen Pehrson for the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles to create a gloriously psychedelic ride through the cartoon cosmos. Actress Jena Malone (Hunger Games, Donnie Darko) contributes voiceovers and, as a droopy-beaked crow, mumbles something about getting "dick-slapped" moments before a sky rocket in flight crosses the familiar blue bathroom tiles of NO LOVE DEEP WEB's cover.

  • The Weeknd Share 'Wicked Games' Video, 'Trilogy' Track List

    The Weeknd Shares Haunted 'Wicked Games' Video, 'Trilogy' Track List

    The Weeknd's enigmatic frontman Abel Tesfaye again faces the camera in the black-and-white video for his sex-seething single (aren't they all?) "Wicked Games." The clip is almost a sequel to the similarly shot "Rolling Stone" video, wherein a woman draped over the singer's back mysteriously disappears by the song's end. This time, the shot opens on a dancing, purse-lipped model type, but her shadow soon vamps away from her body, and torments Tesfaye until the track's end. This remastered version of "Wicked Games" appears on the Weeknd's forthcoming major label debut, Trilogy, which compiles and adds to his three free EPs of 2011.The Weeknd's Trilogy track list:House of Balloons1. "High for This"2. "What You Need"3. "House of Balloons / Glass Table Girls"4. "The Morning"5. "Wicked Games"6. "The Party & The After Party"7. "Coming Down"8. "Loft Music"9. "The Knowing"10.

  • Lady Gaga Die Antwoord Fatty Boom Boom respond

    Lady Gaga to Die Antwoord: 'You Don't Have a Hit'

    On Tuesday, SPIN detailed the various crimes against Lady Gaga depicted in Die Antwoord's new "Fatty Boom Boom" video. In the clip, the South African Zef-rap provacateurs dress a man up like Mother Monster, send him out into the slums in a meat dress, and make him give birth to an unholy locust thing before dude gets devoured by a lion. All of this beef, ahem, allegedly spawned, ahem, because Gaga offered the group an opening slot on her tour.Well, Gaga's fired back, via Twitter.i fink u freaky but you don't have a hit. hundred thousand tIckets sold in SA. #thatmyshit— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) October 17, 2012i guess its not a good idea to tell someone you're a fan. never mind! we get it, you're not a little monster. WE GOT IT.— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) October 17, 2012Never ones to back down from controversy, or schoolyard tactics, Die Antwoord responded:lady...

  • RZA The Man With the Iron Fists Stream Soundtrack

    Stream RZA's 'The Man With the Iron Fists' Soulful, Guest-Packed Soundtrack

    Wu-Tang Clan godhead turned film auteur RZA has been teasing us over the past few weeks, leaking songs from his The Man With the Iron Fists soundtrack one high-profile, soul-steeped banger at a time. It seems he's created that rare set of movie-inspired music that's actually worth paying attention to. In fact, the tracks have all but overshadowed the Quentin Tarantino-produced, Russell Crowe-starring kung-fu flick, out November 2.Perhaps it's due to the genre and generation-spanning collabs — Black Keys with RZA, Kool G Rap with Wu, Freddie Gibbs with Ghostface Killah — or perhaps it's simply that this might be the best Wu-Tang Clan album, albeit unofficial, we've heard in over a decade. Speaking of, RZA has again promised that 20th anniversary Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) reunion LP. Last time he spoke off the cuff to Sway.

  • Super Bowl halftime show pop

    Pop Goes the Super Bowl: 10 Times the Top 40 Touched Down at Halftime

    If you started paying attention to the Super Bowl halftime show after 2004, you could be forgiven for thinking football's big event is inextricably tied to heritage-rock acts like U2, Paul McCartney, or the Who. But when the game stopped booking marching bands and dance troupes as its sideshow in the early 1990s, the first musicians to take its extremely large stage were pop stars. The trend halted after the Nip Slip Seen 'Round the World, but after a six-year run of acts like Petty and Springsteen, the NFL decided to embrace pop once again.

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