Aside from composing one-half of the drone-metal duo Sunn O))), Stephen O’Malley maintains a solo career of disorienting experimental guitar works. In 2015 he’s already released two solo records, ÉternelleMore »


Credit: Photo by Peter Beste

From the Seattle birth of drone-metal duo Sunn O))), they’ve always imbued their creaking compositions with a sense of reverent, primordial purpose — as if on the fourth day,… More »

As Stereogum points out, the drone metal band Sunn O))) are now streaming their new album Kannon via Rolling Stone. “The Mark Rothkos of void-painting expressionist metal” (as the mag so pointedly… More »

Credit: Photo by Josh Sisk

Drone-y, cloaked metal act Sunn O))) have mostly been working on collaborations since their totemic 2009 effort Monoliths & Dimensions, but today they’ve announced the release of a new album… More »


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The Necks, Open (Northern Spy)The most beautiful album of the year isn’t by Bill Callahan or Haim or Boards of Canada or Susan Boyle, but by these Australian slowpoke-jazz cult… More »

Sound-sculpture savants and ambient-rock cult faves Fontanelle are returning after an 10-year hiatus with a record for doom metal stalwart Southern Lord. The last we heard from ‘em, they released… More »

“As soon as volume exceeds 80 decibels, blood pressure rises,” wrote jazz scribe Joachim-Ernst Berendt in 1983. “The stomach and intestine operate more slowly, the pupils become larger, and the… More »


Stephen O’Malley & Steve Noble, ‘St. Francis Duo’ (Bo Weavil)

Like a bad vibes Flower/Corsano, free-metal meets free-jazz for motionless, flabby hour. … More »

KTL, ‘V’ (Editions Mego)

Stephen O)))’Malley and Pita turn down amps, answer the phantom carriage’s call via slow-sailing strings, penetrating drones. … More »

Doom Metal

In 1970, Black Sabbath drained the blues from hard rock, slowing it into a depresso nightmare trudge with Frankenstein feet. Myriad masters of riff followed suit: Uriah Heep, Sir Lord… More »


Here’s a rundown of the essential albums available online and in record stores today: … More »