Circle Jerks

Circle Jerks Tell Tales About Being Jerks in New Doc

Over the course of three decades, hardcore punks Circle Jerks released five LPs of vitriolic, smarmy salvos like "Back Up Against a Wall" and "Wild…
Kory Grow / August 8, 2012

Tough Questions for Keith Morris of OFF!

Few musicians form new bands at the age of 55, let alone extremely loud punk-rock bands channeling classic late-'70s hardcore. Then again, most people aren't…
John Sellers / November 22, 2010

WATCH: New Black Flag, Redd Kross Supergroup

Members from some of punk's most influential bands, including Circle Jerks, Black Flag, and Redd Kross, have teamed up for a new project called OFF!,…
William Goodman / October 7, 2010