Beck: Sincerity Is the New Irony

Spin: Thank you for taking the time to talk to me.
By: SPIN Staff / June 20, 2003

Stephen Malkmus: The “Peel Sessions”

Stephen Malkmus: No, I haven't. I got a CD in the mail this morning from Matador, a FedEx, you know, the track listing and stuff.
By: SPIN Staff / June 20, 2003

9 Million Words With Dave Grohl

The (very nearly) unexpurgated Dave Grohl transcript from November's Foo Fighters cover story. Everything you ever wanted to know about the 'Foo but were afraid…
By: SPIN Staff / June 19, 2003

The Rock Lists

Ten musicians known for their distinctive headwearone L.L. Cool J (Kangol bucket cap)two Devo (red plant pots)three Buckethead (KFC bucket)four Slash (top hat)five Slick Rick…
By: SPIN Staff / June 13, 2003

The Sleaziest Moments We Couldn’t Print…

My Sleaziest Moment: Paul Doucette of Matchbox Twenty: "Five years ago, before I was married, we had this stripper come down to a birthday party…
By: SPIN Staff / June 13, 2003

South by Southwest: The Unplugged Version

By: Chuck KlostermanEvery March, something happens in Texas. Actually, lots of thingshappen in Texas every March, and these include--but are not limitedto--cattle stampedes, open-pit barbeques,…
By: SPIN Staff / June 13, 2003

Electric Candyland

By: Philip Sherburne If 1991 was the year punk so famously broke, ushering Nirvana and Sonic Youth into the mainstream and altering the face of…
By: SPIN Staff / June 12, 2003

The A’ight Stuff

By: Chris NorrisWhat is this thing called Ali G? This goggle-eyed Brit flashinggang signs on posters? This chattering playa chauffeuring Madonnain the "Music" video? Thi…
By: SPIN Staff / June 2, 2003

Nada Surf

By: Robbie ChaplickTwo career roads diverged in a rock world. But Nada Surf took the roadmore traveled by, and it made all the difference. Instead…
By: SPIN Staff / May 23, 2003

Live! David Bowie’s 50th Birthday Concert

Click the image for an enlarged view:…
By: James Hannaham / April 1, 1997
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