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Hear Pharmakon’s Horrifyingly Pained ‘Ache’

Pharmakon makes blood-curdling music which, like a good horror film, demands your terrified attention. Margaret Chardiet handily made SPIN's Best New Artists list for February,…
Chris Martins / May 20, 2013

Stream Red Hare’s White-Knuckle ‘Nites of Midnite’ LP

Red Hare combine four vets of Washington, D.C.’s hardcore scene: former Swiz members Shawn Brown, Jason Farrell, and Dave Eight, plus Joe Gorelick, who played…
Kyle McGovern / May 20, 2013

The Lonely Island Make It Rain ‘Diaper Money’ in ‘Wack’ Video

If you don't listen to much rap music and think most of it consists of self-serious boasting about wealth, and if you think the old-fashioned…
Marc Hogan / May 20, 2013

Hear Case Studies’ Beautiful Bastard Blues ‘Everything’

Case Studies is Seattle's loner poet Jesse Lortz, a specialist in the sort of excellent sad bastard blues that Magnolia Electric Co. did so well.
Chris Martins / May 20, 2013

Stream Brazos’ Full, Wondrous ‘Saltwater’ Album

A few months back, Brazos shared the colorful and inventive stop-motion video for "How the Ranks Was Won," an easy-going single that appears on the…
Kyle McGovern / May 20, 2013

Kanye West Has Become Our Pink Floyd, Just Admit It

Projected onto a wall in 66 different locations across the globe on Friday Night, Kanye West's new single, "New Slaves," off his upcoming album Yeezus, is…
Brandon Soderberg / May 20, 2013

Watch Dave Grohl Help the Rolling Stones Tear Through ‘Bitch’

The Rolling Stones have stuffed their ongoing, not-at-all inexpensive "50 and Counting" tour with a number of all-star cameos, including Tom Waits, Katy Perry, and…
Kyle McGovern / May 20, 2013

Hear Laurel Halo Tease Release on Throbbing ‘Sex Mission’

Best New Artist alumna and recent SPIN interview subject Laurel Halo is prepping the release of Behind the Green Door, the EP follow-up to her…
Chris Martins / May 20, 2013

Stream Gold Lake’s Majestic, Phil Ek-Produced ‘We Already Exist’

Gold Lake are busy sorting out release details for their recently completed, Phil Ek-produced debut album, but in the meantime, the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Madrid trio plans to…
Kyle McGovern / May 20, 2013

Stream Roomrunner’s Entire Piledriving ‘Ideal Cities’ LP

"We just wanted it to be bigger." That's what Roomrunner frontman Denny Bowen says he and his bandmates hoped to achieve with their full-length debut,…
Kyle McGovern / May 20, 2013

Hear Christopher Paul Stelling’s Fiery Folk-Gospel LP ‘False Cities’

When we first met Christopher Paul Stelling in April, we heard the impassioned New York folkie "tear this shit down" brick by brick. Now we…
Chris Martins / May 20, 2013

Beck Debuts New Songs, Covers George Jones at ‘Song Reader’ Tour Kickoff

Beck has wasted no time previewing new material live. Last night at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, California, he performed a few previously unreleased…
Marc Hogan / May 20, 2013

Live-Stream Hangout Music Festival 2013 From the Comfort of Your Couch

SPIN named the 15 Must-See Acts at Hangout Music Fest 2013 — Stevie Wonder, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kendrick Lamar, the Breeders, Public Enemy, and Best…
Kyle McGovern / May 17, 2013

Watch Le1f Party in a Hot Tub in Steamy ‘Spa Day’ Video

Harlem rap deconstructionist and SPIN This Is Happening subject Le1f goes literal for his new single "Spa Day," but in the best way possible. He…
Jordan Sargent / May 17, 2013

See Gunplay Cooly Cruise Around Town With the ‘Bible on the Dash’

Gunplay's 601 & Snort was No. 10 on our Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2012 and one of the mixtape's finest moments is the stylish and…
Chris Martins / May 17, 2013
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