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Hear the Weeknd’s Endless Sex-and-Drugs ‘Kiss Land’ Title Track

"You ain't takin' nothin' but your clothes off," the Weeknd main man Abel Tesfaye coos more than once on "Kiss Land," the title track of…
By: Marc Hogan / May 17, 2013

Watch Laura Marling Slay ‘Dancing in the Dark’ Without Lifting a Finger

The magnificent Laura Marling doesn't even try on this cover of Bruce Springsteen's "Dancing in the Dark." She doesn't need to. Los Angeles singer-songwriter Eddie…
By: Chris Martins / May 17, 2013

See Sam Amidon Wield a Possessed Banjo in ‘As I Roved Out’

Sam Amidon puts his unique touch on the old Irish folk song "As I Roved Out" on his brand new album Bright Sunny South, but…
By: Chris Martins / May 17, 2013

Jeremih Remixes ‘Karate Chop,’ Forgets Lil Wayne’s Emmett Till Gaffe

Chicago singer/producer Jeremih knows an impactful song when he hears one, but he may not know the entire reason for its impact. The R&B youngster ha…
By: Chris Martins / May 17, 2013

Stream Lana Del Rey’s Groovy ‘Queen of Disaster’ Leak

Where has she been hiding this one? A welcome reprieve from overwrought period-drama soundtracks, Lana Del Rey's Motown-referencing "Queen of Disaster" demo has leaked online.
By: Nicole Sia / May 17, 2013

Watch Peals’ Calming ‘Belle Air’ Video

Peals, the instrumental duo of Future Islands' William Cashion and Double Dagger's Bruce Willen, recently performed at Baltimore's Emerson Bromo-Seltzer Tower as part of a…
By: Kyle McGovern / May 16, 2013

See The-Dream Pimp Beyond the Thunderdome in ‘IV Play’ Video

The-Dream isn't worried about radio play or foreplay. He's here to deliver an authentic love-making experience sans filler, frills, or other parties' preconceived notions of what such a…
By: Chris Martins / May 16, 2013

Hear Destruction Unit’s Sand-Melting Psych Bomb ‘Sonic Pearl’

Hailing from Tempe, Arizona, Destruction Unit deal in their own sort of desert rock: ripping riffage, pounding drums, ominous atmosphere, damaged vocals. Just look at…
By: Chris Martins / May 16, 2013

Watch Liars Do Awesome Arty Things in ‘I Saw You From the Lifeboat’ Video

Liars' excellent WIXIW found the Los Angeles noise-makers crafting an electronic album on their own beguiling terms, dwelling in the art form's more purgatorial nature, a…
By: Chris Martins / May 16, 2013

Hear Drenge Deliver Masterful Punk-Blues Misery on ‘Backwaters’

As Drenge, English brothers Eoin and Rory Loveless have found excellence in a perfect combination of simplicity, brutality and soul. The former sings and shred…
By: Chris Martins / May 16, 2013
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