Watch Live Footage of Yo! MTV Raps’ 30th Anniversary Concert in Brooklyn

Earlier this year, MTV announced it was rebooting Yo! MTV Raps, the network's classic showcase for all things hip-hop from 1988 to 1995. In the…
Rob Arcand / June 2, 2018

Wyatt Cenac Thinks Morrissey Is the Ron Paul of Music

Aside from Kendrick Lamar's breathtaking performance, this year's Grammy Awards were universally acknowledged to be the most boring in recent memory — but comedian Wyatt…
Harley Brown / February 29, 2016

The Pharcyde Keep on Passin’ Their Contract By, Claim the Pharcyde

Damn, we wish the Pharcyde weren't in such a snit. Last year, the pioneering Southern California rappers basked in the 20th anniversary glow of their…
Marc Hogan / June 20, 2013

The Pharcyde Look Back at 20 Years of ‘Passin’ Me By’

In early 1992, the international rap profile of Los Angeles was N.W.A's appetite for destruction, Ice-T's new-jack hustles, and Cypress Hill's hands on the pump.
Chris Martins / June 28, 2012

Pharcyde Producer J-Sw!ft: Breaking Beats and Beating Addiction

Twenty years after the Pharcyde's debut, Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde, it seems like that pack of self-deprecating MCs are finally getting the credit they've…
Brandon Soderberg / May 18, 2012

Portishead’s Geoff Barrow Spills on Quakers Rap Project

If you're anxiously waiting for the next Portishead album… then keep waiting. Producer and spokesperson Geoff Barrow is too distracted working on about a million…
Mosi Reeves / April 5, 2012