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Foo Fighters Share ‘Meaningful’ Video for ‘Shame Shame’

Days after debuting "Shame Shame" on Saturday Night Live, the Foo Fighters have dropped a powerful video for the new single off their upcoming LP,…
Emily Tan / November 10, 2020

Nandi Bushell Brings ‘Smiles’ Drum Solo From Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’

While Nandi Bushell awaits Dave Grohl's response in their ongoing "drum battle," the young British musician switched gears and added her twist to Coldplay's 2005…
Emily Tan / October 12, 2020

Nandi Bushell Responds to Dave Grohl By Sharing New Song in His Honor

In what's been easily one of the most pleasant battles of 2020, young drummer Nandi Bushell responded to Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl's latest salvo in their "feud."
Katherine Turman / October 1, 2020

Dave Grohl Pens ‘Superhero’ Theme Song for Nandi Bushell

After Nandi Bushell not only challenged Dave Grohl to a drum battle but also beat him by matching the Foo Fighters frontman beat-for-beat, Grohl is back…
Emily Tan / September 14, 2020

Nandi Bushell Answers Dave Grohl’s Challenge, Plays Them Crooked Vultures’ ‘Dead End Friends’

After seeing the performance, Grohl conceded defeat, but said "it ain't over yet!" and that he has "something special in mind..."
Daniel Kohn / September 3, 2020

Dave Grohl Answers 10-Year-Old Phenom Nandi Bushell’s Challenge to a Drum-Off

At this point, everyone should be familiar with Nandi Bushell's ability to rock, but today may have marked a new high in her musical venture,…
Josh Chesler / August 29, 2020

Nandi Bushell Thanks Tom Morello and Brad Wilk With Audioslave Cover

If you're wondering what the future of rock music looks like, Nandi Bushell can show you. She dropped a video covering Audioslave's "Cochise."
Emily Tan / July 17, 2020

Tom Morello Gifts 10-Year-Old Viral Rage Against the Machine Fan Custom Guitar

Earlier this month, 10-year-old musician Nandi Bushell went viral for her rendition of Rage Against the Machine's "Guerrilla Radio," playing all of the instruments on the…
Daniel Kohn / June 23, 2020

10-Year-Old Covers Rage Against The Machine in Solidarity With BLM

Musicians from across the country are doing their part to protest police brutality and racism this week and, in the process, they're inspiring a lot…
Brenton Blanchet / June 1, 2020
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