Grooveshark Co-Founder Josh Greenberg Found Dead in Home at Age 28

Josh Greenberg, one of the founders of the music streaming service Grooveshark, was found dead in his Florida home on Sunday evening. He was 28.
James Grebey / July 20, 2015

Music Streaming Site Grooveshark Shuts Down Amidst Legal Issues

After years of being put through the legal ringer, pioneering music streaming website Grooveshark has finally issued a surrender. The site shut down yesterday as…
Andrew Unterberger / May 1, 2015

Pre-Disco Music Faces Web Extinction in Big Copyright Case

If there's content from before 1972 you've been meaning to enjoy on YouTube, SoundCloud, or other user-uploaded streaming services, better get on that now. A recent…
Marc Hogan / April 24, 2013