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Michete: The Thick-Boy-Loving Rapper Who Wants Ur Blood

"I tricked you into interviewing me," Spokane, Washington rapper Michete cackles halfway into our phone conversation. That’s possible, though you could argue that any artist…
Dan Weiss / April 29, 2016

Jacquees: The Cash Money Singer Bringing Back Feel-Good R&B

Birdman, rapper and co-founder of Cash Money records, remembers one thing about his first encounter with the young R&B singer Jacquees: "I just felt like…
Elias Leight / March 28, 2016

Junglepussy: The Rapper Sliding Into Your DMs

No, Junglepussy's father wasn't aware of his 24-year-old daughter's alter ego, which is brazen even for rap. In late 2013, the East New York native…
Dan Weiss / March 17, 2016

MMOTHS: A Self-Proclaimed ‘Freak’ Finds the Light — And the Dark

Jack Colleran, a.k.a. MMOTHS, refers to himself as a "freak" twice in our interview — and uses the word "weird" 19 times, according to a…
Harley Brown / March 4, 2016

Lizzo: Larger-Than-Life Rapper, Singer, and Social Activist

On Thanksgiving, Lizzo's stomach hurt, but it wasn't because of the one-two gut punch of stuffing and mashed potatoes, like the rest of the country.
Harley Brown / December 9, 2015

Jonas Rathsman: The Folk-Dancing Fashion Designer Turned House Sensation

In September, Jonas Rathsman had what anyone else might call a "you know you've made it when" moment at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport. After heading…
Harley Brown / November 4, 2015

Bully: Honesty Is Their Best Policy

For its brand-new bi-weekly column All Eyes On, SPIN rounds up the young and the restless (or just very talented) musicians you might not have heard…
Rachel Brodsky / May 6, 2015
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