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Meet Panamah, the xx of Denmark, and Hear Late-Night Bummer ‘Born Af Natten’

Last week Denmark was pulsing to the cavernous electronic pop of Panamah, a young trio whose third single "Børn Af Natten" quite deservingly landed at No.
Vijith Assar / April 19, 2013

How to Destroy Angels, ‘Welcome oblivion’ (Columbia)

6SPIN Rating: 6 of 10Release Date: March 05, 2013Label: Columbia"Trent Reznor" and "Nine Inch Nails" are synonymous precisely because his rotating cast of supporting MVPs…
Vijith Assar / March 6, 2013

Like Cobra Starship and Linkin Park? Meet Japanese Boy Band Kis-My-Ft2

The top slot of the Oriconchart, the primary ranking system for music sales in Japan, is currently occupied by "Ai No Beat" the latest single…
Vijith Assar / December 7, 2012

Meet Ga-In, the K-Pop Sensation Whose ‘Bloom’ is Outcharting ‘Gangnam Style’ in Korea

Korean rapper PSY's runaway smash-of-smashes "Gangnam Style" is set to reach a historic one billion YouTube views by Christmas. The continued American attention should buy…
Vijith Assar / October 30, 2012

Meet Asaf Avidan, An Israeli Chart-Topper Who Channels Cat Power

The new single from Israeli singer and guitarist Asaf Avidan, "One Day/Reckoning Song [Wankelmut Remix]," is a worldwide smash, recently hitting the No. 1 spot…
Vijith Assar / September 14, 2012

Hear the Chart-Topping Single From Japan’s N.E.W.S.: Like If Escort Were a Boy Band

Tokyo pop group N.E.W.S. has been flourishing under the watchful eye of Japanese boy band kingpin Johnny Kitagawa for close to a decade now despite…
Vijith Assar / August 16, 2012

Meet Svetlana Loboda, the Ukrainian Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga hasn't dropped a major single this year, and maybe that monster void is why pop star Svetlana Loboda has been able to dominate…
Vijith Assar / July 31, 2012