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Au Revoir Simone and Strokes Man Cover Mazzy Star’s ‘Fade Into You’

If you found yourself wanting more from the Strokes' bassist after the band's colorful set at Governors Ball, well, you're in luck. As it turns…
Sarah Kaufman / June 13, 2014

Kelly Rowland’s World Cup Anthem Gets Spike Lee Treatment

Now Kelly Rowland and Janelle Monáe have something in common other than general fierceness. Both are featured artists on the Pepsi Beats of the Beautiful…
Sarah Kaufman / June 13, 2014

Drizzy vs. Weezy: Drake and Lil Wayne Set for Summer Tour

It's no secret that Lil Wayne has been something of a mentor to Drake over the years. And Mr. Carter hasn't exactly escaped the influence…
Sarah Kaufman / June 12, 2014

Mute ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Character Was an ’80s Pop Star

Looks like even poor old Norma Romano once had her fair share of shoulder pads. The Orange Is the New Black character who communicates solely…
Sarah Kaufman / June 12, 2014

Hear Death Grips Meet the Bug on Hot, Angry ‘F—k a Bitch’

Death Grips continue their prolific streak as U.K. producer the Bug releases a brand new haunting collaboration with the rap experimentalists. SPIN's Artists of the…
Sarah Kaufman / June 12, 2014

Stephen Malkmus, Jeff Goldblum Star in Ray & Remora’s ‘Gold Soundz’ Video

Los Angeles duo Ray & Remora's have released a joyfully star-studded video for their Pavement cover, "Gold Soundz." Kim Gordon, Stephen Malkmus himself, Weezer's Scott…
Sarah Kaufman / June 12, 2014

Beastie Boys Dig For Legal Loophole Gold in ‘Paul’s Boutique’ Sample Suit

The Beasties are on their third date with copyright law, and the two seem to be hitting it off. First, they won $1 million in…
Sarah Kaufman / June 12, 2014

Beastie Boys Win $1.7M in Monster Energy Suit

The Beastie Boys won $1.7 million in their long-running suit against Monster Energy. The infringement case came to a close today (June 5), with Adam "Ad-Rock"
Sarah Kaufman / June 6, 2014

The Soviet Union Banned These Bands in 1985

Putin wouldn't want you to see this list. It proves that his beloved Soviets were completely terrified of the West's "violent," "fascist," "racist," and, dare…
Sarah Kaufman / June 5, 2014

The Soft Pink Truth Covers Venom, Reinvents ‘Black Metal’

If the Soft Pink Truth's interpretation of Venom's 1982 classic, "Black Metal," is any indication, the act's upcoming album is going to take metal into…
Sarah Kaufman / June 5, 2014

Hear the Track Don Henley’s Lawyers Told Okkervil River to Take Down

As previously reported, Don Henley of the Eagles, a band that's spawned tribute bands, claims that an Okkervil River cover of one of his songs…
Sarah Kaufman / June 5, 2014