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The Soft Pink Truth Covers Venom, Reinvents ‘Black Metal’

The Soft Pink Truth Drew Daniel Black Metal Video

If the Soft Pink Truth’s interpretation of Venom’s 1982 classic, “Black Metal,” is any indication, the act’s upcoming album is going to take metal into weird new territory. You can watch the volcanic video above, wherein Matmos member Drew Daniel remakes that track in his own electro-pop image. Also, there’s a lot of corpsepaint, spell-casting, and at least one floppy fabric penis. All of this in honor of Why Do the Heathen Rage?, an entire album’s worth of such drastically remade songs from metal’s past. The project purposefully draws from a musical genre that’s historically been criticized for its anti-gay tendencies, and endows it with refreshing strangeness (i.e. that bass-driven beat and Daniel’s near-rapping). The man behind the Soft Pink Truth is acutely aware of the fact that being a gay black-metal buff is controversial, and said he’s ready for extreme reactions to his work. “Bring it on,” he told Decibel. “I’m not interested in consensus, or in being a sacred cow to politically sympathetic critics just because I’m a fag.” Why Do the Heathen Rage? arrives June 17 via Thrill Jockey.