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6,557 Miles To Nowhere: SPIN’s 2003 Chuck Klosterman Essay

This is the piece that (eventually) became the skeletal structure for┬áKilling Yourself to Live, a book some people love and many people hate. The principal…
Chuck Klosterman / August 6, 2015

Meg and Jack White Talk Relationship Issues

EDITOR'S NOTE: This story appeared in conjunction with SPIN's first cover story on the White Stripes, in October 2002. Back then, the band continued to…
Chuck Klosterman / February 2, 2011

REMEMBER: The White Stripes by Chuck Klosterman

[EDITOR'S NOTE, February 2, 2010: Because the White Stripes announced today that they are officially disbanding, we are republishing Chuck Klosterman's first interview with the…
Chuck Klosterman / February 2, 2011

Beck’s “Loser” Defines the ’90s

JANUARY 18, 1994…
Chuck Klosterman / April 16, 2010

What If Kurt Cobain Didn’t Die?

In SPIN's April 2004 tribute issue to Kurt Cobain, then senior writer Chuck Klosterman posed a compelling and unique question: "What would have happened if…
Chuck Klosterman / April 2, 2009

Guns N’ Roses, ‘Chinese Democracy’ (Interscope)

[Editor's note, Nov. 17, 2008: This review appeared in our April 2006 issue as an April Fools joke. Now, 'Chinese Democracy,' Guns N' Roses' decade-in-the-making…
Chuck Klosterman / April 1, 2006

Pretty Hated Machine

The Bravery are the most hated band in America. This does not mean they make terrible music (their debut received mostly positive reviews), nor does…
Chuck Klosterman / July 1, 2005

Give Me Centrism or Give Me Death!

If you are the kind of person who talks about music too much, there are two words that undoubtedly play an integral role in your…
Chuck Klosterman / December 10, 2004

Mysterious Days

"The job of art is to chase away ugliness," Bono says as he twists the ignition key of his Maserati Quattroporte. "So let's…
Chuck Klosterman / November 29, 2004

Marilyn Manson, ‘Lest We Forget’ (Interscope)

Marilyn Manson is fucking awesome.
Chuck Klosterman / November 5, 2004

The Thrills – Let’s Bottle Bohemia

The ThrillsLet's Bottle BohemiaVirgin…
Chuck Klosterman / October 12, 2004

I Can Make Your Dreams Come True

Now,I know what you're thinking; you're thinking, "I have already found theband of my dreams, and they are called Maroon 5." But try to thinkbeyond…
Chuck Klosterman / September 20, 2004

Uncle Kracker, ‘Seventy Two & Sunny’ (Lava)

Uncle Kracker is a rock artist who makes country music. This is not terribly uncommon, but there's something interesting about the way Mr. Kracker makes…
Chuck Klosterman / August 11, 2004

A Man for All Cookouts: Uncle Kracker’s Seventy Two & Sunny

Uncle KrackerSeventy Two & SunnyLava…
Chuck Klosterman / August 8, 2004

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