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Two Times Dope: Bring back incredibly awesome long-ass two-part rock songs

Do you know what song I was listening to last weekend? I supposeyou don't (and if somehow you do, shouting the correctanswer in the general…
Chuck Klosterman / July 26, 2004

Velvet Revolver, ‘Contraband’ (RCA)

Velvet RevolverContrabandRCAThe members of Velvet Revolver--former Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland, former Guns N' Roses members Slash, Duff McKagan, and Matt Sorum, plus some…
Chuck Klosterman / July 20, 2004

Are You Ready to Testify?!

What is the purpose of rock'n'roll?
Chuck Klosterman / July 8, 2004

Beastie Boys: Twilight of the Brats

"That's the dog. That's the dog."
Chuck Klosterman / July 1, 2004

Twilight of the Brats

Adam"King Ad-Rock" Horovitz, Adam "MCA" Yauch, and Michael "Mike D" Diamondare on the back of a Lincoln Navigator, and we're all driving toward aloft in…
Chuck Klosterman / June 23, 2004

Intimate Portrait – Josh Homme

Youprobably know Josh Homme as the six-foot-five-inch singer and guitaristfor Queens of the Stone Age. However, Homme is also thesix-foot-five-inch drummer for Eagles of Death…
Chuck Klosterman / June 21, 2004

We Will One Day Become That Which We Despise

"Nevercriticize anything in public," a semi-wise man told me as we drankabsinthe in a Colorado ski lodge, "and never build the foundation ofyour career by…
Chuck Klosterman / June 10, 2004

About a Man

Forten years, people have asked, "Why did Kurt Cobain have to die?" Butthat question has been addressed by so many pundits that it no longerhas…
Chuck Klosterman / April 20, 2004

Out of Time

Now, do not read that and think I am somehow suggesting thatnothing is new anymore or that everything has already been done or thatI am…
Chuck Klosterman / March 1, 2004

Louisiana Hell Ride

If werewolves controlled the House and vampires ruled the Senate,New Orleans would be our nation's capital. It is a citywithout conscience. The bars never close.
Chuck Klosterman / February 19, 2004

Irony Maidens

Americans love to laugh. Americans also love to rock. There is onething, however, Americans don't love: They don't loveto laugh and rock at the same…
Chuck Klosterman / January 23, 2004

Mo’ Future for You!

I'm like Bob Dylan: I don't look back. I refuse toconsider anything that happened in 2003, because those days areover. Oh, I realize that there…
Chuck Klosterman / December 29, 2003

6,557 Miles To Nowhere

Death is part of life. Generally, it's the shortest part oflife, usually occurring near the end. However, this is notnecessarily true for rock stars; sometimes…
Chuck Klosterman / November 25, 2003

A Perfect Circle, ‘Thirteenth Step’ (Virgin)

Some hard-rock records sound like incorrigible monsters, stomping through city streets at random, tearing at the jugulars of unsuspecting tourists. A Perfect Circle's Thirteenth Step…
Chuck Klosterman / September 24, 2003

Audioslave, ‘Audioslave’ (Epic)

Here's the problem with the new album from Audioslave, Chris Cornell's collaboration with three former members of Rage Against the Machine: It sounds like arithmetic.
Chuck Klosterman / July 15, 2003

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