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Stevie Nicks Adds Her Voice to ‘Dreams’ TikTok Challenge

It wouldn’t be a proper Fleetwood Mac challenge without Stevie Nicks, right?

The longtime Fleetwood Mac singer joined her bandmate, Mick Fleetwood, on TikTok in order to recreate the viral “Dreams” moment started by Nathan Apodaca.

Sitting by a piano, Nicks laced up a pair of rollerskates with the Fleetwood Mac tune blaring in the background. As undoubtedly the most qualified person to do so, Nicks busted out a quick verse (in 15 seconds, of course).

You can watch it below.

@stevienicksAfternoon vibe. Lace ’em up! ##Dreams ##FleetwoodMac ##CranberryDreams @420doggface208♬ Dreams (2004 Remaster) – Fleetwood Mac

The “Dreams” moment turned Apodaca into a star. Following Fleetwood’s recreation of the moment, the two actually spoke virtually on a BBC News broadcast.

“One, we owe you,” Fleetwood said after surprising Apodaca during the newscast. “It’s such a celebration of everything. I’ve heard you talking about it, and it’s so joyous and fun.”

“I feel blessed and I appreciate you. It’s just awesome,” Apodaca said in response.

As for Nicks, she’s remained busy in her own right. Last week, she released her latest song, “Show Them the Way,” which featured none other than Dave Grohl on drums.

Now, after getting Fleetwood in on the action, let’s see what Apodaca says about Nicks joining the fun.