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Elton John Shares ‘Here’s To the Next Time’ From Elton: Jewel Box

Elton John at a 1986 Concert

Elton John has just released two songs from his upcoming Elton: Jewel Box — one from his Rarities set and “Billy and the Kids” off the B-Sides.

“Here’s to the Next Time” was recorded in DJM Studios in 1967 when he was still known as Reg Dwight. It was the B-side to John’s debut single, “I’ve Been Loving You.”

He also shared “Billy and the Kids,” which is part of the B-Side record in Jewel Box. Recorded in 1986, it was released as a B-side, despite fans thinking that it should have been part of his 1986 album, Leather Jackets.

Elton: Jewel Box will release on Nov. 13 via UMC/EMI. John previously released “Regimental Sgt. Zippo” as well as a collaboration with Gorillaz and 6lack, “The Pink Phantom.”

And while concerts are still on the back burner this year, John announced that he’ll be touring North America again in 2022.

You can listen to both “Here’s to the Next Time” and “Billy and the Kids” here.

Preorder Elton: Jewel Box here.