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Prophets of Rage Release New Single “Made With Hate”

Prophets of Rage is back in 2019 with more political rap-rock music that sounds like it could have been released in 1999. The group—which consists of former members of Public Enemy, Rage Against the Machine, and Cypress Hill including Chuck D, Tom Morello, and B-Real—has released a new single called “Made With Hate,” complete with an animated street-art style lyric video.

The song is all about the evils of money, clickbait, “motherfucker[s]” who are “paid to fool you all,” and stuff like that. “Testosteromping that stink from the stage/We bust the sound of outrage against the hate y’all made,” Chuck D raps, in one of the band’s many embarrassing lines that also serve as a statement of purpose.

The supergroup’s last single was last year’s “Heart Afire.” They released a video for the song, along with three other older originals, entitled “The Ballot or the Bullet” in November. The band released their debut self-titled album in 2017. Read out 2018 essay “Prophets of Rage Depress the Hell Out of Me” here, and listen to “Made With Hate” below.