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Watch Kurt Vile Perform “Yeah Bones” on Seth Meyers

Kurt Vile was Seth Meyers’ musical guest last night on the comedian’s Late Night show. The Philly singer-songwriter gave a spirited rendition of his wry, herky-jerky “Yeah Bones” from last year’s Bottle It In LP. Hair across face, Vile muttered the song’s jokey spoken-word verses over the band’s impressively brittle accompaniment. In the YouTube comments, someone asked if it was “a sketch.”

Vile’s last major late night performance came in December on Jimmy Kimmel, with a run-through of Bottle It In’s “Loading Zones,”  a song which is about trying to park in Philly. Last week, NPR released Vile’s newest Tiny Desk performance, featuring Bottle It In’s “Backasswards” and “Loading Zones,” as well as a collection of older tracks.  In January, the singer-songwriter released his first new original track since Bottle It In, a standalone single for Amazon Originals called “Timing Is Everything (And I’m Falling Behind).” Like so many Kurt Vile songs, it might be termed a “woozy rocker.”

Watch Vile perform the less woozy “Yeah Bones” below.