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Donald Trump Jr. Thinks SNL Is Spelled “S&L”

Anyone looking for further proof that the dumbass apple doesn’t fall far from the dumbass tree should check out Donald Trump Jr.‘s Twitter feed this morning where he managed to misspell SNL, the common abbreviation of Saturday Night Live.

The first son owned himself in spectacular fashion when he quote-tweeted an obscure Twitter account inaccurately lambasting the platform of most Democratic 2020 challengers of his father, President Trump, and added his own commentary.

“It’s almost like a funny version of an S & L skit,” Don Jr. wrote, while sharing a decidedly unfunny tweet.  It looks like Don Jr, wrote out the abbreviation phonetically, as if he had only heard the abbreviation SNL spoken aloud and had never seen it written. It’s the only logical explanation considering that the “N” and the “&” keys are nowhere near each other on any QWERTY keyboard.

Of course, Don Jr. could have been referring to the Savings and Loan scandal from the 1980s, but Charles Keating was never known for his sense of humor, just fraud.

In any case, never underestimate the confidence of an extremely rich dumb guy. Junior’s father reportedly knows this better than anybody.