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This Analogy Doesn’t Even Make Sense You Clown

Donald Trump Jr. Compares Immigrants to Zoo Animals While Defending Dad's Wall

Donald Trump Jr., presidential son and legal liability, tried to help his father’s case for a useless wall along the Mexican border by posting a racist and nonsensical analogy via Instagram stories on Tuesday night. The Instagram story followed President Trump’s televised Oval Office address where he pled for the $5 billion necessary for the wall so that he could end the government shutdown holding the livelihood of 800,000 federal employees hostage.

“You know why you can enjoy a day at the zoo?” the son of President Donald Trump wrote in an Instagram story on Tuesday night. “Because walls work.”

The fact that the first son is comparing immigrants and migrants fleeing oppression to caged animals is disturbing in its own right, and that’s even before delving into how the analogy goes straight up Don Jr.’s ass. For the analogy to track, American citizens would be the ones in the zoo’s cages, while elephants and giraffes would be the ones walking around eating hot dogs and taking selfies.

Donald Trump Jr. Compares Immigrants to Zoo Animals

Granted, if Michael Wolff’s account is accurate, even the president admits that his firstborn isn’t the brightest bulb on the tree. In any case, Don Jr. managed to come up with a border wall argument even dumber than the one his dad made when he reportedly told Rep. Nancy Pelosi that she should support his xenophobic vanity project because she’s “a good Catholic” and Vatican City has a wall. That’s no small feat.