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Fyre Festival Documentary Coming to Netflix in January

Netflix's Fyre Festival Documentary Comes Out in January

FYRE, the first of many projects about the unmitigated disaster that was Fyre Festival, is coming to Netflix next month.

The 2017 festival, the brainchild of rapper Ja Rule and shady business partner/convicted felon Billy McFarland, promised concertgoers acts like Blink 182 and Migos and luxury accommodations at a tropical paradise in the Bahamas. It earned internet infamy when ticketholders were instead greeted by a deserted campground with a few flimsy tents and some cheese sandwiches for sustenance. According to a statement from Netflix, the new doc “gives a first-hand look into disastrous crash of Fyre as told by the organizers themselves.” It’s directed by Chris Smith, who is probably best known for his award-winning 1999 indie flick American Movie.

Netflix released a brief teaser of the doc, featuring some familiar imagery.

Netflix aren’t the only ones looking to cash in on Fyre’s collapse: Competitor Hulu has a docuseries on the too-good-to-be-true festival in the works, and Seth Rogen and the Lonely Island have also hinted that they’re working on a fictionalized account of the fiasco. But can any production be as entertaining as watching sad photos of greasy sliced cheese and stale bread drop into our Twitter feeds in real time?

FYRE premieres on January 18 on Netflix.