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Fyre Festival Cofounder Billy McFarland Arrested on Wire Fraud Charge

Billy McFarland, the 25-year-old who cofounded the disastrous Fyre Festival with Ja Rule, has been arrested and charged with one count of wire fraud. The…
Taylor Berman / July 1, 2017

Leaked Email From Fyre Festival Exec: “We Could Get Away With 75 Toilets”

Lower-level staff warned Fyre Festival executives about about conditions on the island—including insufficient housing and restrooms—days and weeks ahead of the doomed festival, according to internal emails leaked to Mic. The…
Anna Gaca / June 5, 2017

Fyre Festival Is Reportedly Under FBI Investigation

Just as it seemed like the dust was starting to settle around Fyre Festival, the New York Times has published a lengthy story about the disastrous ultraluxury…
Andy Cush / May 22, 2017

New Lawsuit: Fyre Festival Reps Sent Cease and Desist Letters to Critics, Saying Tweets Could “Incite Violence”

The parade of Fyre Festival legal complaints continues with a new class action lawsuit (the sixth major suit brought against Fyre), which was filed by two…
Winston Cook-Wilson / May 8, 2017

Third Class-Action Lawsuit Alleges Fyre Festival Was a Fraud

A third set of Fyre Festival attendees have filed a class-action suit against founders Billy McFarland and Ja Rule, alleging negligence, fraud, and violation of consumer…
Anna Gaca / May 4, 2017

A Comprehensive Timeline of Fyre Festival’s Ongoing Disaster [UPDATE]

In retrospect, Fyre Festival was clearly too good to be true. The upstart festival, launched by would-be tech entrepreneur Billy McFarland and musician Ja Rule, promised headliners like Blink-182,…
Anna Gaca / May 3, 2017

A Second Group of Fyre Festival Attendees Has Filed a Class Action Lawsuit Against Billy McFarland, Ja Rule

Earlier this week, well-known attorney Mark Geragos filed a $100 million class-action lawsuit against Fyre Festival co-founders Billy McFarland and Ja Rule, alleging that the…
Jordan Sargent / May 3, 2017

Fyre Festival’s Pitch To Investors Is Exactly Absurd As You Would Imagine

Are you still at a loss about Fyre Festival? Are you wondering how the would-be luxury Bahamian music festival actually got to the point of realization—how it…
Winston Cook-Wilson / May 2, 2017

$100 Million Lawsuit Filed Against Fyre Fest Co-Founders Ja Rule and Billy McFarland

A prominent entertainment attorney has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Fyre Festival co-founders Ja Rule and Billy McFarland, alleging fraudulent behavior that cost attendees…
Taylor Berman / May 1, 2017

Fyre Festival Co-Founder Billy McFarland: We Were a “Little Naïve” But We’ll Be Back Next Year

As you're no doubt aware by now, the Fyre Festival that was supposed to take place this weekend and next in the Bahamas turned out…
Taylor Berman / April 29, 2017

Reports: Fyre Staff and “A-List Talent” Warned Not to Attend Nightmare Festival

Fyre employees and "A-list names" were warned to stay away from this weekend’s disastrous festival in the Bahamas, according to reports in Motherboard and Page Six.
Taylor Berman / April 28, 2017

Ja Rule Apologizes for Fyre Festival Nightmare: “This Is NOT MY FAULT But I’m Taking Responsibility”

As the final concertgoers from this weekend’s post-apocalyptic nightmare of a festival in the Bahamas wait for transport off the island, Fyre Festival co-founder Ja…
Taylor Berman / April 28, 2017

Fyre Festival, Ja Rule’s Luxury Music Fest in the Bahamas, Is a Post-Apocalyptic Nightmare

The Fyre Festival, a luxury music fest in the Exuma Islands of the Bahamas, promised wealthy music fans "a cultural moment created from a blend…
Andy Cush / April 28, 2017

Ja Rule Owns Himself in Unexpectedly Bleak Foot Locker Ad

What's Ja Rule been up to recently?  Well, there was the short reprise of his years-to-decades-long beef with 50 Cent in the wake of the…
Winston Cook-Wilson / November 16, 2016

Ja Rule Is Mad That Wikipedia Says He’s Short

Ja Rule, a rapper best known for songs like "Holla Holla" and legal troubles, was upset that Wikipedia, a collaborative, user-written online encyclopædia, said that he was…
James Grebey / September 2, 2015
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