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Two Fyre Fest Attendees Win $5M Settlement for Their Suffering

Fyre Fest is truly the schadenfreude that keeps on giving. The disastrous island music festival getaway was well over a year ago, but its fallout…
Chris DeVille, Stereogum / July 3, 2018

Reports: Fyre Staff and “A-List Talent” Warned Not to Attend Nightmare Festival

Fyre employees and "A-list names" were warned to stay away from this weekend’s disastrous festival in the Bahamas, according to reports in Motherboard and Page Six.
Taylor Berman / April 28, 2017

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Ja Rule Doesn’t Seem Too Apologetic on New Song “FYRE”

Ja Rule is back baby! After weaseling his way out of a $100 million dollar class-action lawsuit last month in connection with Fyre Festival, the…
Rob Arcand / December 14, 2019

Belgium Just Had Its Own Fyre Festival with VestiVille

Remember Fyre Festival? Of course you remember Fyre Festival. It was an entertaining trainwreck of the highest order, the kind of slow-motion disaster that you just…
Peter Helman, Stereogum / June 29, 2019

In the Future Every Festival Will Be Terrified of Being the New Fyre Fest

A document dump from yesterday in the legal battle between the apparently doomed Woodstock 50 and the event's erstwhile investor Dentsu Aegis painfully details how Woodstock's organizers…
Tosten Burks / May 13, 2019

Billy McFarland Is Writing a Book About Fyre Festival, Plans Festival Comeback

Billy McFarland is currently spending six years in prison on multiple charges of wire fraud in connection with Fyre Festival, but apparently the festival founder…
Rob Arcand / May 4, 2019

Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus Talks Fyre Festival Warning Signs, Band’s Decision to Cancel

Blink-182's Mark Hoppus has broken his silence on the infamous Fyre Festival and the band's decision to pull out last minute. Calling…

“Fyre Festival 2″: Miami’s Ultra Music Festival Ends With Chaotic Crowd Exit

Attendees are calling this year's Ultra Music Festival "Fyre Festival 2" after a chaotic night on Florida's Virginia Key left many nearly stranded on the island.
Rob Arcand / March 30, 2019

Netflix’s Fyre Fest Doc Apparently Tried to Pay Billy McFarland, Too

Our cultural fascination with Fyre Festival continues. After not one but two popular documentaries that give detailed looks behind the scenes of Billy McFarland and…
Andy Cush / February 12, 2019

Fyre Fest Promoter Billy McFarland Ordered to Pay More Than $3 Million to Former Investor

New York County Judge Joel H. Cohen has ordered Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland to pay back nearly $3 million to a sponsor of the…
Taylor Mims, Billboard / February 11, 2019

Fyre Fest Documentary Star Who Was Gonna Suck Dick For Water May Get His Own Show

Did you watch Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, Netflix’s recent documentary about the spectacular Fyre Festival debacle? Event producer Andy King has emerged as…
Peter Helman, Stereogum / February 2, 2019

Tim Heidecker Trolls Jerry Media With New Song “Fuck Fuck Jerry”

In the wake of his recent EP Another Year in Hell, Tim Heidecker is back with a new comedy song aimed at the social-media-aggregator-turned-marketing-consultant Elliot…
Rob Arcand / February 2, 2019

Fyre’s Billy McFarland Also Lied About Deals With the Foo Fighters, Jennifer Lopez, and Lil Wayne

Documents published today by the Daily Mail offer yet more insight into how Billy McFarland, the doughy dunce behind Fyre Festival, convinced investors to sink money into his doomed…
Tosten Burks / January 24, 2019

Ja Rule Slams New Fyre Festival Documentaries: “That Money Should Have Went to the Ppl in the Bahamas”

Two documentaries recounting the ill-fated Fyre Festival were released over the last week; Hulu's Fyre Fraud was released just days before Netflix debuted their documentary…
Rob Arcand / January 20, 2019

Which Fyre Festival Documentary Should You Watch? That’s a Complicated Question

Why watch a documentary about Fyre Festival? Why watch two? You don’t actually need to, which was the admission implied in Hulu’s decision this week…
Anna Gaca / January 18, 2019

Hulu Releases Fyre Festival Doc Days Before Competing Netflix Project

Noted video streaming titans Netflix and Hulu will face off this week with two competing documentaries about 2017's notorious destination-music-festival-that-wasn't Fyre Festival. Hulu first announced…
Winston Cook-Wilson / January 14, 2019

Watch the Harrowing Trailer for Netflix’s Fyre Festival Doc

After dropping a brief teaser video last month, Netflix has released a proper trailer for Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened, the Fyre Festival…
Maggie Serota / January 10, 2019
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