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The Chainsmokers Love Beach House Now

Hating the Chainsmokers is exhausting and predictable and totally inevitable if they squander their remaining popularity on boring retreads like today’s new single “Beach House.” That Beach House? Indeed, “Beach House” is partly about “Waking up on the west side / Listening to Beach House, taking my time.” That’s the entirety of the part about Beach House; if you’re here because you like Beach House, you should listen to them instead. Presumably the Chainsmokers just couldn’t come up with anything that rhymes with “Los Angeles.”

“We tried to get back to our roots on this with that classic OG Chainsmoker feel,” the Chainsmokers tweeted of their new song. “And we were listening to a lot of beach house.” As it turns out, the “classic OG Chainsmoker feel” is a song about feeling horny and needy that sounds sort of unfinished. There’s a big synth line, a trip to Japan, possible recreational drugs, and muted acoustic guitar chords standing in for emotion.

For the sake of argument we could say that the relatively slow tempo of “Beach House” reflects the possible influence of its namesake, but in truth the ‘Smokers have been on their bummer vibes since releasing songs with titles like “Sick Boy” and “Everybody Hates Me” at the top of the year. Spare a thought for the misunderstood social outcasts who just landed a movie deal and performed at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, okay?

Listen (or don’t) to the Chainsmokers’ “Beach House” tribute below.