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Lana Del Rey to Azealia Banks: “I Won’t Not Fuck You the Fuck Up. Period”

NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 23: Singer Lana Del Rey performs at Terminal 5 on October 23, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images)

Here’s a surprising sentence: Lana Del Rey threatened to fuck up Azealia Banks. The artists traded heated words tonight on Twitter after Banks criticized Del Rey’s rebuke of Kanye West‘s support for Donald Trump. Lana concluded by describing her invitation to brawl as “promise not a threat.”

As Nylon points out, Banks last month took umbrage with an Instagram comment by Del Rey that described Kanye West’s enduring Trump advocacy as a “loss for the culture.” In a series of tweets, Banks called Lana a “typical White woman … using a weakened target to ‘pretend’ to be an ally” and claimed her outrage was “selective.” The critique featured moments of insight into the opportunism of white celebrities condemning Kanye… and then Banks denied Ke$ha was raped by Dr. Luke.

Lana appears to have just noticed the comments and tweeted tonight at Banks: “u know the addy. Pull up anytime. Say it to my face. But if I were you- I wouldn’t.” In follow-up tweets, she wrote, “I won’t not fuck you the fuck up. Period,” claimed to be the only person still supporting the rapper, and told Banks her “psych meds aren’t working.” Banks responded with tweets criticizing Del Rey’s physical appearance and claimed the singer was “hooked on oxy.”

It was a huge mess. Viewed generously, though, the exchange reveals the industry’s persisting entrenchment of men surrounded by allegations of abuse, and the challenge of navigating around them. Banks attacked Del Rey for working with A$AP Rocky, who was charged in 2013 for slapping a woman in his audience, and whose crew member A$AP Bari was arrested in May for sexual assault. She did so while defending her work with Dr. Luke, whom Ke$sha has accused of sexual and emotional abuse.

We’ve asked Del Rey’s team for confirmation that she wrote said tweets and will update if we hear back. We’re pretty sure Banks wrote hers. You can view a sample of tonight’s exchange below.