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Lana Del Rey Condemns Kanye West’s Trump Support in Instagram Comment

Lana Del Rey has joined the chorus of people online condemning Kanye West’s pro-Trump sympathies in the wake of the speech the rapper made following his performance during the credits of Saturday Night Live this weekend. After (unconventionally) performing a third song following host Adam Driver’s farewell on the show on Saturday, West, wearing his redesigned version of the MAGA hat, launched into a mini-tirade for the show’s live audience. It was captured by people in the room, including Chris Rock, who posted snippets of it to Instagram. West claimed that the cast and staff of the show had “bullied” him about not wearing the hat on stage and protested “one-sided,” “liberal” entertainment and media.

Responding to an Instagram selfie West took featuring him wearing the MAGA hat (“this represents good and America becoming whole again”), Lana Del Rey addressed the rapper directly in her comments, calling his support for the president “a loss for the culture.” She excoriated West for going to bat for “someone who believes it’s OK to grab a woman by the pussy just because he’s famous,” and posited that the rapper’s fascination with Trump has something to do with shared “extreme issues with narcissism.”

Lana Del Rey announced her newest album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, earlier this month, and posted an epic 10-minute single called “Venice Bitch.” Read Lana’s full statement about Kanye below.