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Chance the Rapper and Kanye Will Begin Working on an Album Together This Month

chance the rapper says kanye west coming to chicago to record album

Late last month, Chance the Rapper told Complex’s Peter Rosenberg that Kanye West was planning to produce Chance’s next album. It seemed that the new Chance project would be another seven-track album like the previous “Wyoming” albums that Kanye produced for himself, Kid Cudi, Pusha T, Nas, and Teyana Taylor.

Chance continued to hint at the project in an appearance on Chicago’s Windy City Live yesterday, where he informed the hosts and show’s guests that Kanye West was coming to Chicago this month to record the album. “Working under him, working with him on his albums is crazy, but having him tell me that he wants to produce my album and come to Chicago is like…,” Chance says about Kanye before trailing off and getting drowned out by the applause. “This month, we’re working in Chicago.” As far as what to expect, Chance said that the new music would be “deeply, deeply personal” including references to his recent engagement and the news coverage surrounding it.

Chance also says that he and Childish Gambino are still working together on a joint project, though there’s no word on how long it will be before that sees the light of day. Watch Chance’s full interview with the local talk show below.