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Well, Here’s Kanye in a MAGA Hat

Kanye West Wears MAGA Hat

Yep, that’s Kanye West in a red MAGA hat, the ubiquitous accessory worn by every angry Chad and Trevor populating President Trump’s nationalist rallies. For some reason Universal Music Group CEO Lucian Grainge and former Def Jam head Lyor Cohen saw fit to encourage this behavior, with Cohen giving his trademark “okay” hand signal.

As if we weren’t all heartbroken enough, West displayed the Trump signature on the bill. That’s clearly the president’s scrawl, and not the printed “TRUMP” signature Yeezy reportedly used after election day when the rapper was asked to sign merch.

Trump apparently didn’t have anything going on today — outside of hosting his biggest European ally for a state visit — and thanked Kanye for once again publicly embarrassing himself in the name of the president’s creepy nationalist agenda.

If there’s anyone who can recognize cool, it’s Donald J. Trump.