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Jake Paul Facing Backlash for Rapping the N-Word

Who could have seen this one coming? Earlier this week, the non-YouTuber-watching segment of the internet discovered vlogger Logan Paul, who’s wildly popular with tween-age boys and had to apologize twice after releasing a video featuring the body of a suicide victim. Thus ended Logan Paul’s brief reign as the more infamous Paul. Today, TMZ has video of brother and fellow vlogger Jake Paul using the n-word during an impromptu freestyle rap. (Yes, Jake Paul raps.)

The video in question was reportedly shot last April during Coachella. Paul is freestyling over the beat of Rae Sremmurd‘s “Throw Sum Mo”; it’s not clear if he realizes he’s being filmed.


TMZ also obtained a couple of trial-balloon excuses from someone close to Paul. The anonymous source seems to want to use the fact that Rae Sremmurd’s Slim Jxmmi later appeared on Jake’s Christmas single “Litmas” as a defense. Additionally, TMZ reports, “Our Jake source says the actor and YouTube sensation has matured a lot since this video was shot 8 months ago.”

Haven’t we all. Shockingly, this is not the first time Jake Paul has been accused of casually saying something racist: Last August, the internet briefly came after him for an offensive joke at the expense of a fan from Kazakhstan.