logan paul

YouTube Cuts Logan Paul From Television Show and Preferred Ad Program

YouTube has announced sanctions against one of the platform's biggest stars and idiots Logan Paul. The Google-owned streaming service removed Paul from its Google Preferred…
Tosten Burks / January 10, 2018

Jake Paul Facing Backlash for Rapping the N-Word

Who could have seen this one coming? Earlier this week, the non-YouTuber-watching segment of the internet discovered vlogger Logan Paul, who's wildly popular with tween-age boys…
Anna Gaca / January 5, 2018

Logan Paul Apologizes for Sharing Video Featuring Body of Suicide Victim

Logan Paul, vlogger and brother of Spin's "Year in Suck 2017" honoree Jake Paul, made an early play for "Year in Suck 2018" when he…
Maggie Serota / January 2, 2018